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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Crash video on the Phil's World Ribcage

I crashed pretty hard on the singlespeed mountain bike at Phil's World on the Ribcage last weekend.  
Kiviok was behind me filming and caught the wreck on video.  I added a couple of slow motion clips in but it's still pretty difficult to see the crash.  I jumped way too far and flat landed which bent and broke my rim sending me instantly into the dirt.

I heard the loud bang and almost instantly felt the pain from my side hitting the ground.  Ouch!  Couldn't breathe or say anything for about a minute which seemed like 5 minutes at the time.  Glad Kiviok was there to help.  Ribs and kidneys are hurting.  I feel about the same as my rim.  Somehow I've been able to keep from sneezing since the wreck but when I do its going to hurt!  Hoping to heal up and put in a hard effort at the 12 Hours of Mesa Verde race coming up in 19 days.

 Here is the Vimeo video with the all the Ribcage and the crash (Better quality than YouTube one)

Phil's World trail ribcage singlespeed mountain bike crash, Shawn Gregory from Shawn Gregory on Vimeo.

Here is the YouTube video with the all the Ribcage and the crash

Catching some air