Just some thoughts and experiences from a mountain bike endurance racer who likes to ride and race his single speed mountain bike a long long way on remote single track in the mountains and desert.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

1st Place, SS Solo 12 Hours of Mesa Verde

Just finished 1st place in the Single Speed Solo overall at the 2010 12 hours of Mesa Verde last weekend, 131 Miles, 12,752’ elevation gain.  Finished 2nd out of all 119 solo racers, including all the geared bikes.  Also had the fastest single speed solo lap time for the race.  www.12hoursofmesaverde.com  The race was capped at just over 600 racers and filled up not long after opening registration.  It has been labeled the premier southwest mountain bike endurance race.

The Racing Ralphs performed excellent with no problems.  This trail is a real test for tires.  It has been described as a rollercoaster ride on a bike and there is an advantage for anyone riding on tires that can really stick in the corners and also withstand the jagged rock sections.  I started out in 4th and worked my way up to 1st about 50 miles into the race.  Even though it is a nationally recognized race with bikers from all over the US it was great to win in my hometown.  There was some great competition in other classes as well.  The Trek team battled it out with the “Local Legends” team (John Tomac, Dave Wiens, Travis Brown & Daryl Price) finishing within two minutes at the end.