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Thursday, September 16, 2010

5th place (Shared) Singlespeed, Vapor trail 125 2010

Finished the Vapor 125 last weekend in 5th (Shared, we actually had a mini race for 100' at the finish and I won) against the single speeds and 21st overall.  Here is the link to my stats http://connect.garmin.com/activity/49232863 and spot adventure http://www.spotadventures.com/trip/view?trip_id=225743

50 racers started at 10:00PM in Salida Colorado when normal people are going to bed.  There is a two hour hike-a-bike topping out just under 13,000' at around 4:00AM with temps at 11 degrees.  I got frostbite on the tips of my fingers.  Better gloves next time.  Riding a singlespeed was another kick in the teeth as well but worth it.  I toasted my fork seals sometime in the night as well and had a pretty good crash.  The people at the aid stations were great.  It was pretty cool having Dave Wiens lube my chain at one.  Great race!  No problem with the tires, they performed excellent.  There was a section that has gashed a bunch of tires which we road right through, even passing someone up who had slashed their tire on a rock.  It was tough doing this two weeks after my last 24 hour effort.  I would definitely do it again.  It was great racing with such a high caliber of riders, everyone was tough and 1/3rd still dropped out.  I remember passing the “Outside magazine” athlete of the year somewhere in the night, he ended up a few spots in front of me overall at the end.  I road with a Jeff Hemperly most of the race.