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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Another big Moab ride

Moab loop: Flat pass > Behind the Rocks > Hunter Canyon > Back to town.  We left Dolores at 7:00am, road and then I made it back slightly late for dinner at 6:45.  We were originally going to try and add Moab Rim & Hidden Valley at the end but time just ran out. There was plenty of sand (since its Moab).  Flat pass was really cool but Hunter canyon was the best.  The scenery was spectacular there.  Hunter is technical riding with some hike-a-bike and exposure.  This is not a good one for people who don't like scaling rock cliffs with their bike in hand.  Luckily we were easily able to lower bikes down by working together.  It would be trickier and more dangerous on a solo ride.  I liked Hunter Canyon.  Check out the pictures and captions.
TR, Jeff, Kiviok & myself before the ride
Quick stop on Flat Pass
Self portrait attempt
Kiv ripping it up down the hill
Drastically different lines for TR & Jeff
Kiv climbing up the hill
Nice stopping spot with the snow capped mountains in the background just after a creek crossing
Petroglyphs in the background.  Unfortunately some morons recently decided to put their own graffiti on top of the rock art.  We were fired up about that.
Kiviok (in the background) brought a hot dog purchased from the gas station.  Yuck!
Jeff and Kiv just after they crashed into each other.  Kiv stuffed Jeff and crashed him.  Surprisingly, Jeff picked Kiviok up above his head and threw him 20' using some kind of WWF move.  Afterwords they made up and Kiv shared the rest of his hot dog with Jeff.  LOL!
Hunter canyon,  Nice views!
Handing the bikes down one of the ledges.  Don't fall off this one!  You wouldn't be riding the next day.