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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Trail work day at Phil's with the High School Seniors

Great trail work day out at Phil's World with a group of volunteer seniors from the Cortez High School.  Stephen and myself led a group of students in building banks, optional jumps, safety modifications and erosion control.  These guys were hard working!   

This is the third year we worked with the school to build new trails, improve existing trails and perform maintenance.  The first year there was one student who actually mountain biked, the second year there were a couple more.  I was pleased to see that a majority of them this year were bikers and from the conversations during the two trail work days it sounded like some of the students realized that they were missing out by not mountain biking Phil's and were going to get a bike and get out there.  Nice trend!

If you get out to Phil's World watch for new optional kickers/jumps off to the side and some off camber turns now have rippin banks!  Just road all 28+ miles yesterday and it was great!

The hard working Cortez High School trail crew

Working on a new banked turn.