Just some thoughts and experiences from a mountain bike endurance racer who likes to ride and race his single speed mountain bike a long long way on remote single track in the mountains and desert.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Over 5000 miles on the singlespeed in one year!

Made it to over 5000 miles in just under one year since I got this Garmin on my Single speed.  Thanks to Phil's world opening this last weekend I was able to get that last 99 miles.  I actually rode more than that but I forgot the Garmin on some rides and the battery ran out on others.  Now I need to go back and see where I was Jan 1st so I can get back on the normal annual schedule.

So a short recap of miles for the last year (in order by "fun to ride"):

5003 miles - Singlespeed mountain bike
92 miles - Singlespeed townie bike
0 miles - Geared mountain bike (Don't own one anymore)
0 miles - Cross bike
0 miles - Road bike  (I dusted that bike off a couple years ago to do the death ride which was fun but when you can ride a mountain bike why get on it!)